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Error on accessing Internet Tools

Hi, once i log in with my primary cox account and try to go to the internet tools to view my defined email addresses for my account. I get the following error message from the website on a regular basis today.

There are ways to get around the error but clicking any link gets you to a generic message like below where it seems to assume you are not logged into the site but i am as indicated by the 'sign out' link at the top.

Also I can get to my webmail/email online with no problems, its just the pages that appear in the internet tools menu.


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    For the past 36 hours, I haven't been able to view/manage Internet Tools, too. Usage Meter is unavailable, etc. I am in the OC market.

  • Hi, are you logging in to Internet Tools with the primary user id? I just did when I clicked on Data Usage Meter I see a system message that says the Date Usage Meter is undergoing maintenance and will be available on Monday 8/29. I hope this helps.
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