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Error message when sending email

Recently I've been experiencing the following error when attempting to send emails:

"An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded:  4.2.0 Internal queueing error. Please check the message and try again."

I'm using Thunderbird (52.3.0) as my email client. The error does not happen consistently, but when it does, it forces me to attempt to send the email multiple times before it is actually delivered.

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    bob, this is happening to me too.  it usually occurs when Cox is working on their email system.  instead of "Try Later" , I click on "Edit Message" (but I don't edit anything) and hit send.   or is your only choice "Please check message and try again"?

  • Hi bobC927,

    Can you try logging into and send a test message to yourself in webmail.  Let me know if you experience the same issue. 

  • Can't do that because it only happens sporadically. What I usually wind up doing when this occurs is to restart Thunderbird.

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    try rebooting the computer.  All kinds of outgoing mail problems are caused by firewall updates and cured by rebooting.