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Equipment Failure or Upsell scam?

I recently upgraded my internet from Premier to Ultimate. I had an old DPC3010 modem I received from Cox about 5yrs ago, so I decided to upgrade the modem to an MB7420 modem to handle the higher speed (I also have a WRT-3200ACM router). I would get about 75-85MB/s on the Premier plan with the old modem. Now, with my new modem, I am only able to get around 95MB/s consistently when I run a speed test. My upload speeds increased with Ultimate from around 12MB/s to around 34MB/s now. After several calls to tech support, they sent a tech out today who told me that the new modem (capable of over 600MB/s on 16 channels) cannot handle the Ultimate speeds of up to 300MB/s.

I find this hard to believe because the Cox website lists the MB7420 as an approved modem for Ultimate plus I did my research on it to make sure it would be more than enough. My biggest cause for concern is that the 2 techs that have come out as well as the numerous agents I have talked to all tried to sell me the Panoramic WiFi modem & the last tech said that or a 24-channel modem is the only way I will be able to get the closest to the 300MB/s max speed of Ultimate. I bought the new modem specifically to avoid paying $9.99/mo for the Panoramic rental. Really don't want to have to pay more for a 24/32 channel modem & I refuse to rent the Pano, so I'm thinking about just downgrading back to Premier.

Just looking for some advise before making any changes.

Thanx in advance

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  • Hi, are you on a wired or wireless connection when you are testing your speeds?
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    I am testing on a wired connection on my PC. Before he even checked anything, he told me that I wouldn't be able to get Ultimate speeds unless i got the Pano modem or at least a 24-channel one. When I told him the MB7420 was listed as an approved for Ultimate modem on the Cox website, he simply said that they don't update the website very often. Which left me feeling less confident in Cox.

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    The approved modems list is actually kept up to date pretty frequently and I can confirm that it is listing the MB7420 correctly. It looks like you're now using a Netgear which is also a good choice for that level of service.