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epix on demand

I subscribe to epix with cox and can sign onto their on demand website, but none of the movies will play error: "contact your provider". how do I get access to the epix on demand library?

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    Hi aaaaa,

    Are you able to view the Epix channel?

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    Yes, I can view Epix movies on the Epix movie channel. Just not on demand movies.
  • aaaaa,

    What receiver are you getting this error message? I've sent an account refresh signal to your account. Check back again with Epix OD and let us know. Are you accessing On demand from TV online, Contour App, or through all receivers and get this message?

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    sounds like aaaaa   is trying to access the exix on demand via the epix website

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    Hi, Yes, I get this message when I try to access any Epix movie online; (via the Epix website or through the Epix app on appletv/roku, after log in and verification via the Cox website).
  • Hello,

    If you have more than one user ID, are you logging in with your Primary Cox ID? Have you accessed this content in the past? What web browser and app version are you using?

    Thank you,
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    Hi, Yes I am logging in with my Primary Cox ID and was able to access Epix content in the past on their website. I tried using IE 11 and Firefox 53.03 and received the same error message.
  • We need to check your account. Please email us at with the issue along with this link:

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    In your email message to us, please verify your home address and the last 4SSN for the account.