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Episode Numbers

My dvr has stopped displaying episode numbers in the episode info, for every recorded show for the last few weeks.

Now just displays episode 'title'....useless if I don't know the order of the recorded shows.

Any way to fix?

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  • Hello TTHAZ,

    This is a feature available on Contour 2. The Saved recordings display the title, series, and episode numbers for recordings and allows you to view in the order.

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    That didn't explain what happened to TTHAZ' episode numbers.

  • TTHAZ,

    Programming information is provided by the broadcaster and it's possible they've changed the supplied info. What shows are you seeing this on in your recordings? Does the episode number appear in the guide information prior to the recording?

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    In early April 2017, the Contour Guide stopped including episode numbers in its detailed descriptions. This happened not just for a few channels or networks, but for all of them. Thus, it appears to be a Cox decision, not a content provider decision. As TTHAZ mentions, episode numbers are extremely useful. Please bring episode numbers back to the guide descriptions!!
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    Hello dvrViewer,

    I understand and I agree that the episode numbers are very important and useful. I will submit feedback on this.

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    Dee, thanks for your help on this. Episode numbers returned to the Contour Guide descriptions several days ago.
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    That's great please let us know if you have further issues.