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Enhancement request: Bring digital picture straight to the TV over Internet

To who it may concern, 

I have a few enhancement request that would benefit customers and the business for the cox family. Now, I do go into detail of how such idea would work, so please don't respond with negative feedback. 

Idea #1: Bring digital picture straight to the TV over Internet. How would this work? First Cox would add my tv to my account just like any other equipment on my account. The provisioning would have to recognize that my tv is allowed to get my cable service. Internet  devices already have a mac address. Well, with all the being said there only a  few TVs on the market that support thing and the idea is from Direct TV (Now owned by At&t). Cox doesn't have to go to the home to set up anything, so that saves money for the business. Cox would only need to write the provisioning in the backend for this and app for the tv. The customers would benefit because it would be only a 1.99 for the access just like a cable card vs 7.50 for a box. Cox would also need to exclude any data usage with this service just like they already do with few other services.   

Idea #2 : Bring the tv straight TV over coax. Roughly same ideas apply like I express with idea #1.

If you are cox employee, I would really appreciate if you can forward this to the executive management or special projects team. I will only reply if executive management or special projects team, reaches out to me. Please note if no replies by 1/1/2017, then I will forward this idea via USPS mail to the corporate office in Atlanta, GA. 

Thank you, 


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    Idea 1: How would provisioning work with a TV? What would be "provisioned"? How would the TV talk to Cox? What you are describing is like cable card technology, but it needs a cable card and DTA to work. Also, if you exclude data, aren't you giving the ISP a way in against Net neutrality? Slippery slope if you ask me.

    Idea 2: This is how it was done with CATV. However the FCC has now allowed providers to encrypt all channels to recoup broadcasting fees. 

    I would suggest working out the idea in more technical terms before mailing Cox. I don't see how they would work.

  • Hi John,

    Thanks for taking the time to post your ideas! I've forwarded your entire post to our programming managers.

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    how would this work on older TV's that still work, but don't have the technology needed would cox still offer boxes /equipment?

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    Well.... To be honest with you the cable providers are [edited] right now. At any given point the content providers like FX, CBS, Foxnews, ESPN, Disney, AMC, etc could just exit from the cable providers (or third parties if you think it that way) and just provide live tv themselves. Most of them already have the tools ready to do this today and most of the content providers could offer free tv, while ramping up ad revenue every 10 minutes per segment. Cost need to come down in any fashion.... that means equipment would be the easiest way for the cable providers to make that work. the other option would be to get rid of starter and expanded packages. And move towards letting the customer pick the channels they want, depending on how much the content providers charge the cable provider per user. Some content providers be cheap and others might be more.