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Enhanced Webmail

I keep getting a message that says : Your browser does not meet the minimum requirements of Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher. I have never had this problem before as I could always get into Enhanced Webmail always. I don't have a problem getting into Classic Webmail so what seems to be the problem.  I have went to the Adobe Flash Player web site and did a test to see if my flash is working and it is working.

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  • Hi, what browser are you using and what version is the browser? Are you using Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher?

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    I receive the same "Your browser does not meet the minimum requirements of Adobe Flash Player 9" message when I try to use enhanced webmail on MS Edge.  I do not receive the message using IE or firefox.  Recent Windows 10 upgrades (and Edge is embedded in Windows 10) try to discourage the use of Adobe Flash. Not only do you have to enable it in the Edge settings but you must enable it for each site that needs it.  This is done by clicking on a jigsaw puzzle shaped ICON to the left of the bookmarks (open book Icon) and favorites (Star) icon in the upper right.  Only Cox Webmail apparently uses Adobe Flash but that Icon does not appear.  While I'm not thrilled by MS's approach, the lack of the ability to enable flash on the Cox sites looks like a bug. 

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    With the new format ALL my emails are double posted. Are you aware of this? I'm using Windows 7 and Firefox.


  • Hi New,

    In your Settings menu, delete any existing Inbox filters and rules. Some folks reporting duplicate emails have found a forwarding rule responsible for the duplicates. Once the forwarding rule is deleted, the duplicates should stop. Please let us know if this doesn't eliminate duplicates going forward.