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enhanced email on Edge in Windows 10

Microsoft has reduced support for Adobe Flash for security reasons. The newest version of Edge requires that flash be enabled for each page/site using a jigsaw puzzle piece icon located next to the book and star icon. This is required in addition to the built in flash being enabled in settings. The enhanced webmail on Cox uses Flash for some reason. I thought we were trying to be more secure not less.

Anyway. When you select enhanced email and press enter it goes to the message below without pausing long enough to click on the puzzle piece that goes flashing by. Can you set this to go to a page where flash can be enabled for the site, or provide a link to a flash page on Cox where we can allow flash for Cox sites in Edge?

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    I have this same problem. It happened on my newest computer a month ago after a windows 10 creators update. My laptop just finished the same update now I cannot use enhanced on my laptop either.

    Does Cox personnel ever read these questions. I would like to work with the enhanced version. HELP.

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    Due to the migration of accounts to our new platform which can be accessed at and flash being retired by support of different browsers the Enhanced view is not accessible by accounts that have been or in the process of being migrated over. You should be able to still access the Classic view temporarily but otherwise those accounts can be logged into and viewed on the Myemail site as well.

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    Naturally, there is a issue with logging into When I log into my primary account there, the email send/receive spins a few times and stops. It has not updated since 7/19.  Whereas, that account has no problem updating on Outlook or in Classic Web Mail. The auto-forward that has worked on the account for many years to a cox sub-account has also stopped. I got around that by auto-forwarding to a different sub-account.

  • WineDoc, it sounds like that specific login has not been fully migrated over to the new email platform yet if nothing new is coming in there but is on the classic webmail.

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    After I posted this I online chatted. The person on the other keyboard helped me. I had missed or not received information that the email was changing. Once I explained what was happening the chat person sent me the link to the new format and also a link to see what the new email included. I am all fixed. I had pulled my hair out for a few weeks before I got the new info. 

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    @Karen F

    Glad it's been resolved please let us know if you have further issues. = JJ