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Enforcement of Internet Data Plan

Regarding the new data plan enforcement (1TB monthly, charged $10 per 50GB over). Our household averages between 1TB and 1.5TB per month. Currently, Cox only offers 2TB under the Gigablast plan - which is not available in my area. This begs a few questions: 1. Is Cox going to release other data plans to allow customers to move up to an increased data plan? 2. How can we find out when Gigablast will be available in our area? On, we can only find out IF it's available in our area. 3. Without the option of moving to another plan with 1.5-2TB data, my internet bill will potentially increase by $50-$60 each month. That's ridiculous. Just trying to find out my options, without pulling the Cox plug entirely.

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    Ultimate tier used to be 2TB now it has the same data cap as all the other packages so what's the point of ultimate tier besides higher speed? When you can get by with 50mb/s for much less with the same cap. Not ranting at you just saying.

    File a FCC complaint if you have ultimate because it used to be 2TB.