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Emergency Notifications Not Working

For the past few weeks, the TV has been switching to CSPAN at random times, and the cable box says "EASE" on it, which makes me think that this is the emergency alert channel.... however, we're on that channel for about 30 seconds and nothing happens. It is just the normal airing of CSPAN. This is annoying because you can't do anything when you're changed for an Emergency Message, but then it's scary because I have no idea what the Emergency message is.

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  • Hi mondo, please check to see if you have auto-tune turned on in the settings.
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    I can confirm this is an issue.  You should not be switching customers to CSPAN during emergency alerts.  We usually are watching the local weather already, and, when this happens, you are actually preventing us from watching the news.  Please remove this feature, or change it to display a message at the bottom of the screen.  DO NOT CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!

  • Hi Mitchcraft,

    We are aware that the Emergency Alert System (EAS) sometimes changes the channel to CSPAN, or displays CSPAN instead of the weather alert information. It's possible that the EAS broadcast is overlapping the CSPAN frequency, or there could be a problem with the EAS equipment designed to interrupt the live broadcast with the emergency alert. These are technical issues that our video engineering team can fix. Please feel free to let us know whenever this occurs on your set-top boxes so we can report it to our video engineers.