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Emergency Broadcast Switches to CSPAN

When we are under severe weather conditions, I would greatly appreciate you not switching us to watch CSPAN when we are trying to watch the *** local weather channel.  I would also appreciate it if you did not disable my ability to turn back to my local channel, you freak'n morons!  Why in the *** would you do that?!  Is it because of some liability issue, because you are created the reverse by preventing me from getting my local weather updates, which is the only reason I kept your sorry starter package.  I would advise you to remove or correct this issue (which has been happening for a while) IMMEDIATELY, or I'll cancel your starter package too, since it is completely worthless when I actually want to use it!

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  • mitchcraft

    Hey there, sorry for the delay in getting to you. We cannot control the remote control from our offices and we have not programmed the remote control in any way to behave the way you have described. It sounds like something may be wrong with the remote control. You may want to try changing out the batteries, if that doesn't work, we can certainly send a field tech out to take a look.

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    No, it has nothing to do the remote batteries.  Did I say you controlled the remote? No, I did not.  What I said was that the channel changes to C-SPAN during emergency announcements.  Initially, the content on CSPAN has nothing to do with the weather.  It eventually displays an emergency announcement, and then, eventually, returns back to our broadcast.  During this time, we cannot change the channel.  It's the box, not the remote.  The remote works fine afterwards.  

    Do you deny this is happening at all?  Are you saying you do not switch to CSPAN? Because you definitely do.  I have seen others complaining about this.  I would be fine with showing emergency announcements at the bottom of the screen.  Even play a sound alert before the message if you want.  I'm just asking that you do not change the channel.  That is not useful, and is actually preventing us from watching our local weather station.  You are not helping us at all by having this feature.

  • Hi Mitchcraft,

    We are aware that the Emergency Alert System (EAS) sometimes changes the channel to CSPAN, or displays CSPAN instead of the weather alert information. It's possible that the EAS broadcast is overlapping the CSPAN frequency, or there could be a problem with the EAS equipment designed to interrupt the live broadcast with the emergency alert. These are technical issues that our video engineering team can fix. Please feel free to let us know whenever this occurs on your set-top boxes so we can report it to our video engineers.

  • How about two days ago for th latest. I thought "what the heck?" Then the emergency message came about red flag warnings till Wednesday.

    this customer WE ARE PAYING FOR THIS is ckrrect. If your technical people can fix it, why haven't they?  It's been years now.