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Emails... Where are they going?

All the sudden about a month ago, For Cox Webmail All I get are the Facebook notifications which I have as a FB pref, Nothing else comes in, Friends, Family, Amazon Updates, Nothing else comes in. I would normally be getting a few dozen a day, Not even Junk Mail... So I have been on 3 different yet VERY THE SAME Chats with Cox Support, Each time I had to go over from top to bottom, my issue. They get to the end and then say, WE will have someone call you. Never happened, So I'm not paying my F'n Bill until I get my Email sorted out. a "Level 2" tier tech support for my problem was said to be issued. No one calves, No one takes NOTES for the next time I have to do this same exact thing. I need my Emails.  Why is it happening? No on knows. I answer the same tech questions each time, give them all they ask and they never fix it or help me fix it. That's it. 

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    @Mike Wolff

    I think I may have figured out the issue. Take a look at your message filters in webmail, you have one that is setup to delete any emails sent to your email address. If you remove that filter you should get emails again.