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Emails Don't Forward As Is

When I choose to forward or reply to an email that has photos or graphics, only words show in my email. I want to forward or reply to the email EXACTLY as it came to me. I have tried Chrome and IE.  I have checked and unchecked Graphical Editor on both. I have chose Plain and also HTML editor.  Sometimes my reply or forward email is blank. Sometimes my email is all words. I also have checked Include original message. I am using Classic mail.

Years ago I was able to forward emails as I saw them but not now. I am so fed up with trying to figure it out. It's not only emails from a company. I also can't forward emails from personal friends that have photos in the email. I am able to send photos in my emails as attachments.

Can someone tell me how to forward an email EXACTLY as it's received?

Thanks for any help.

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    This is a known limitation of classic webmail. The HTML editor can do it although it has been end of life for sometime now and may no longer function as expected. The best option for what you're tying to accomplish would be to setup an email client such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc. which provides more robust editing options.