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Emails disappearing from my Trash folder

My deleted emails are disappearing from my Trash folder even though I have not chosen to delete them. Sometimes I need to refer back to them. Or my husband deletes something that I wanted to see or save. Can you help me?

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    How are you looking at your email? Are you going to or do you use a program like Outlook?

    If you use Outlook with IMAP, then anything you delete from Outlook will be moved to the Trash Folder and then deleted permanently after two days.  

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    That is old info, Teck.  Cox current policy is "Trash and Deleted Items folder contents are subject to deletion at any time", no 2 day limit.  See discussion here from last June.  My suggestion is to make a file folder and move anything you may wat to refer back to into it instead of deleting.  You can't rely on the trash folder.

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    Yep, it's never a good idea to save things in a Trash folder.  If you want to save an email, file it somewhere in a folder or download it to offline storage.