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Emails bouncing

I have been a customer at a web site for several years and have subscribed to and receive regular sales notification emails from the site (from and   Since about mid-May, these notification emails stopped coming.   A query to the site support POC indicates that these emails to me are bouncing and I do not have anything set up either on my local email client or on the server to block that address.   Can you indicate why emails from the above addresses are being bounced?

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  • Hi, do the bounce back emails have any information in them about why the are not going through? Any error messages? Are you using Cox Web Mail or another third party program?
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    I have no specific information on what errors are in the bounceback emails as I am going by what has been told me by the support team on the vendor site.   To quote:

    It looks like your email address is in the "bounce" status. You are going to want to contact your email provider to see why our emails to you are bouncing.

    I do not know what program the vendor is using to send their emails.

    On my end, I use Microsoft Mail client and have also accessed my email via Firefox using Cox Web Mail.   I have no blocked senders or SPAM filter settings on either the client or in the Cox Web Mail server  (I added one Filter rule about a week or so ago in an attempt to set their email as something to keep but have just deleted it now).   Is there some kind of heuristic  or domain blacklist the software is applying to emails sent on a "regular" basis outside my control that would cause the bouncing?

    If you have any questions I would be happy to forward them to the vender as they have asked for input from the provider.

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    I am having a similar problem with bounce back emails to a couple of web sites which I have subscribed to. I am using Outlook. I have added their email address to both contacts in Outlook and Cox Webmail. The message they are receiving is: Email bounced as Suspended for Consumer Weekly Email. I would greatly appreciate your assistance on this matter as I am sure everyone else who is not getting all their emails.
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    N Doucet,

    We will need to review the bounce back message to get this resolved. Please forward the bounce back message to Please include your account details to further investigate.