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Why do I not receive email to address g*******  Also why can I not send email from the cox web site.

Also can not find how to setup email on my anroid device.  What ate the email account parameters.

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    Hi WelshGap,

    Are you not receiving emails through webmail or are you using an email client for this address? What happens when you attempt to send an email? Do you receive any error messages? Please see the following link for assistance with setting up email to your phone:

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    Is Cox kidding with the Android email help you linked to ReneeG?  It basically says tap the email icon and enter your Cox email address and password ... if you need more help it links to the hobbyist site AndroidCentral.  The first topic on the linked page is How to Root your phone!  That must be the worst example of a support page I've ever seen.

    WelshGap, what phone are you using and are you using the stock email app or one installed from the Play store?