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Email via Outlook and Droid Stopped Working

My username and password ARE CORRECT in OUTLOOK.  However the Cox server will NOT dowload to my OUTLOOK account on my desk top.  THis failure all started recently, nothing has changed on my end, password reset does NOT work nor apply.  I can log directly into WEBMAIL on COx, but the COx server will don't download messages to OUTLOOK.   WHat the heck ?????

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Posted: 19 Feb 2016
Post Subject: Email via Outlook and Droid Stopped Working
Post author: Trebor

My primary email addresses recently stopped working in Outlook and on my Droid phone. I have a few other Cox emails that continue working fine. All settings are exactly the same for each email. I've tried customer service, but all they do is reset my password and tell me that will fix it. Nothing is working. I can access my primary email through Cox Webmail with no problem, but I need access to it in Outlook and my phone. Is anyone else experiencing this?