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email very slow

My email is running very slow and some time it will re boot when reading emails. I am using windows 10, and today I was told that my processor is not compatable  with windows 10 and that  I need to re-install the original OS when I first bought the computer.

Has any had the same problem

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    This is really out of the scope of this forum.  But anyway, who told you your processor is not compatible with Windows 10?  What OS was running on it prior to Win10?  What processor, how much RAM and how much free disk space do you have?  Was the install of Win10 an upgrade from the previous OS or a clean install?  How are you accessing e-mail?  Web based, what browser?  An e-mail client, what one? 

    Windows crashing and rebooting is not a normal thing, don't think you will find anyone here with the same problem.