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Email Structure

I have two questions regarding webmail. When webmail opens the view defaults to "checkboxes" as one of the options. Is there a way to set this option so that checkboxes is not automatically shown in the view?

Secondly, when responding to or forwarding an email my signature appears below the last email in the string instead of at the end of my response to the email. Why is that?

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    Hi Snoopy,

    The checkboxes are automatically defaulted to show.  You may disable the Checkboxes under the View list, but it will only be temporary.  The checkboxes will re-appear when you log out and log back in.

    For your signature to show at the end of your response instead of showing at the end of the last email, please go to your Signatures setting and verify it is set to "Add signature above quoted text".  The "Add signature below quoted text" will add the signature at the end of the entire email.