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Email screen refresh

Any way to stop the new email from refreshing?  Doesn't seem to have any pattern or matter what browser.  I can be right in the middle of an email and it refreshes, and I lose the email.  Has happened several times to both my wife and I on different PC's.  I am pretty much forced to write any longer email in notepad and paste it in, or I will surely lose it.

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  • Hi KAJ,

    Try changing the Refresh Interval in Basic Settings from 5 minutes to 10, 15, or 30 minutes. Also, it might help to set the "Auto-Save Email Drafts" option to save drafts every 1 minute. (Click on the Settings button, choose Settings, and then click on Inbox. Scroll down to find the "Auto-Save Email Drafts" setting.) Please let us know if either of these changes make a difference for you!

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    Thanks I will do both of those.  However even at that, that would be a band aid....... Even if email is refreshing it should not discard an email you are working on.