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email retention in inbox


for a personal convenience reason, I marked  a total of about 200 emails "UNREAD" last night, and this morning discovered about 60 messages disappeared from my inbox.

searching through Cox web site, I discovered that Unread messages are deleted after 60 days, which matches my results as my oldest email is now ~Oct 12.  I was unaware of this "feature" of removing Unread messages after 60 days, but understand its utility in optimizing storage.  However, I have lost 60 messages I wished to keep for further review because I marked them "Unread".

OK, now that I know, I'll be careful.  but I also just discovered there is no way to send an email inquiry to Cox; the "Send an Email to" option in the right column of this forum page takes you to another page where there is NO option to send a "help" email to Cox?  apparently you must Chat, look for online help, or call.

Is there any way to restore my deleted messages in my account?  I'll be sure to mark everything as "read" as soon as possible, which is not always convenient.  I'd suggest a much longer retention period, say 180 days, two months is not much time.

Thanks for reading this, and for your reply.

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    This is one of the main reasons I don't use Cox for my email - inane and essentially harmful decisions from the email platform really can screw with people.  That and the continuous email issues, outages, screw-ups, and overall non-user friendly interface.

    Sorry to hear about your problems.