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Email Problems

I would say for the last year I have had nothing but problems with my email and tech support has yet to solve my problem.  My phone and my lap top do not play well together.  The point being that I have a problem and cox won't fix it.  Frustrated to tears, I would like to know why they can not help me, and I am not sure what to do about it.  I have been a happy customer for 15+ years, but not anymore.

I hope someone reads this and can give a plan to fix the problem.  At this point I think I have to take all my devices to the cox store and demand help.

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  • Frustratedemailer,

    I want to help. Please provide more information on the problem you are encountering with using your email on multiple devices. What operating systems are on your phone and laptop?

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    I went into a Cox store about a problem and they told me they didn't do things like that and they couldn't help me.  Told me to call on the phone for help.