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email keeps going to spam folder

I have several email accounts for my family and an extra on that I use for the comment sections but this one keeps sending my replies to the spam folder. I have done EVERYTHING cox has told me to do and so have they with no solution. I have sent the email to many times and one support person that I talked to on the phone tried everything she could think of and finally, she sent a report to the engineers and told me they would call me when they fixed it. I can't recall exactly how long that's been but I would say it's been at least a month. HELP ME PLEASE!

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  • Hello,

    Please send us an email with your full address and a link to this post so we can research this issue for you.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator. 

  • my problem was getting mail, not sending, but i image the cause could be the same.

    have you checked to see if you have any cox-provided filters on or, as in my case, an entire page of blocked email addresses...which i did not create, did not recognize most of. all my amazon order info & paypal emails were going into spam because cox created this list.

    this app-suite is a gift that keeps on giving!  good luck.