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email issues

I've been having a difficulties receiving emails from certain companies and certain people. For the longest time I didn't receive any emails from Netflix because they said my address was not updated. No longer an issue for some reason but that was happening for years. Now, I am not receiving emails from a family member with a gmail address. Why is that? He receives mine but I don't get his!


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    Sounds like the 1st problem was with your Netflix account ... "...because they said my address was not updated", not with Cox e-mail service.

    The 2nd problem, not receiving e-mail from a family member's gmail account, could be on your family member's part also.  Hard to tell without looking at the e-mail headers.  Are they getting any message, rejected message notification, anything indicating the mail didn't go thru?  It's not a generic gmail issue, I can send from my gmail account to Cox account without issue.

    On you end, I would check your spam filter settings.  Login to classic webmail and select settings/SpamBlocker settings.  If the 1st option, "delete incoming junk",  is checked, if their e-mail is caught by Cox's spam filter, it will be deleted and you will never see it.  Select either of the other 2 options, one will move it to a spam folder, the other just tag the subject line.  Either way, you will be able to see the mail and determine if it's caught by the spam filter.

  • Hi Endorn16,

    Follow Allen's suggestions for changing your Spam Blocker settings in WebMail, and then ask your family member to send you a test email from Gmail. Please let us know what happens!