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Email issues

Some days I get this once. Some days I get several in an hour's time. It seems to tell me that I am getting repeatedly kicked off of my COX email. That is verified when none of my emails download onto my Outlook program. Why does this happen and how can I keep it from happening again?

Since I can't figure out how to copy / paste an image of the window, I'll try to describe it:

The heading is "Internet E-mail - **********   There is a graphic of a key with a white square that has a green dot in the middle. 

"Enter your user name and password for the following server."


User Name: **********

Password: *********   (with the cursor at the beginning of the line of asterisks)

[box] Save this password in your password list.   OK   Cancel

Me again: so I retype my current password, <enter>, and it goes away; often to come back again. Or I put the cursor at the end of the line of asterisks, <enter>, and it goes away; often to come back again. 

In the process, my email service is spotty. For $200+ per month, I should get reliable email service. 

Please tell me what I need to do to stop these messages and keep my email moving freely.


Barry (& Phyllis)

PS: No Tags... there is no way I can choose one or more from a list of words and phrases I don't understand.

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    I'm no expert, but this works for me. I am using a desktop PC with Outlook 2010.  I suggest you check your settings on your account.  It should be a POP3 type account. Not an IMAP-type account.  Your two servers should be, depending on where you live:

    CT, FL, GA, LA, NC, OH, RI, VA and


    AR, IA, ID, KS, MI, NE, OK, TX, UT and


    AZ, CA, NV and