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Email issues with deleting off server from phone

I need help please. Ever since the migration to the new email platform my emails are not being deleted from the server when deleted from my trash folder on my phone. It doesn't matter whether I set up my email as POP or Imap. This is causing issues as I have had my email for nearly 20-years and get a ridiculous amount of junk email (would take too long to unsubscribe to every single mailing list) and having to go into webmail to truly delete them is the most painful thing ever as no matter how long I wait only 50-200 emails are ever pulled up in my trash folder and you are talking a good hour to delete a months worth (7,000) plus emails from my trash folder., trying to right click and empty folder doesn't seem to work either unless under 1,000 in my folder. I really wish cox left well enough alone as the new email just stinks and is painfully slow to do anything. At any rate how (if there is a way) can I get emails to delete from the server automatically after deletion from my phones trash folder....or is there a way to automatically set cox email to purge the trash folder at regular intervals so that I don't have to manually do it?

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  • Hello,

    You will want to check your phone settings to make sure that the option to keep a copy on the server is not selected. This will make sure that once a message is downloaded to the phone, it will be deleted on our server. Please keep in mind that you will no longer be able to use multiple devices to pull in your emails with this setting. 


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

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    My issue is just the opposite of the above post.  I operate mostly from the email on my computer, and formerly when I deleted an email there, it would also take it off my phone.  I liked it like that, but now that is not happening and I'm getting all that trash built up on the phone. Where are the settings to fix it the way it was again? I thought I originally set it from the Cox settings instead of the phone settings but could be mistaken. I have an updated iPhone 6S, and the settings did not include an option to keep a copy on the server as you mentioned in your reply.

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    In the iPhone you should find the option following this path:

    Setting>Accounts&Passwords>(Your email account)>Account>Advanced>Deleted Mailbox.

    You should have an On My Phone and On The Server option to select. You will want to select the Deleted Messages under On The Server. In Webmail, you should check your Inbox settings and make sure the Permanently remove deleted emails option is checked.

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    that's the issue there is absolutely no check box under general or advanced settings to delete messages on the server on my phone. Note 4 verizon android version 6.0.1. There is only data usage, and server settings under advanced (more options) and under common settings the only options are for notifications.

  • itsme007,

    The options in advanced settings may differ dependent on the server settings you are using. Is your email configured using IMAP or POP?