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Email issues and site issues.

everysince i switched over to cox i've been unable to use the email system and roughly half of the site doesn't work as expected. clicking links only to be thrown into a  loading loop  when trying to list instead of graphs. and as for email none of my devices can access the email for cox from cell phones laptops to tablets and desktop and xbox one i get thrown into a loading loop and i'm unable to access it.  please fix this i've already called about it i've already provided feed back etc. this problem has persisted for 30 days

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    it didn't work. i still get a loading loop.

  • So that we can further investigate what's happening with Webmail logins, please clear your browser cache (history, cookies, temp files, etc.). Refer to for browser-specific steps. After you have cleared the cache, close the browser using the red X in the upper right-hand corner of the window.

    Reopen the browser and type in Click "Sign In" and enter your Cox User ID and password. Once the page reloads and has logged you in, click on the Webmail icon. Cox User IDs created since February 2017 should load the new Cox Email platform ( User IDs on the Legacy Webmail platform ( should see no changes.

    After following these steps, please let us know if you are able to access your Inbox. We will get to the bottom of this for you!
  • any chance cox will actually own this problem rather then blame the users???

  • stop the lip service and fix the internal problems,plural, as described by multiple techs on the street!