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Email inbox items disappearing

every month my iPad email inbox clears out by itself or automatically deletes both read and un-read items. How do I get this to stop happening? Recently I lost invaluable pictures of a house I was considering buying which is in another state.

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    Cox retention policy is:
    - inbox: unread 60 days, no limit on read mail.
    - trash: "Trash and Deleted Items folder contents are subject to deletion at any time
    - spam: 21 days.
    so there must be something else going on. I know the policy works for me as I have read messages from 2014 in my inbox.

    How is your iPad email configured, IMAP or POP3? Do you read your email on any other device like a laptop, phone, etc? How are the other devices configured? Sounds like you may have another device deleting messages, like a device setup as POP3 and not configured to leave messages on the server. If that's the case, as soon as you download messages on the POP3 device, they are deleted from the server. Please post more info if this doesn't help, thanks.