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email from Cox

I have received a couple of emails from "Cox". There are several things about them that seem suspicious. The message wants me to click a link "to protect my information". Question is: Is Cox sending out these emails?

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  • It is very possible these emails are not from Cox, but instead a scam called phishing—attempting to gain your personal information for malicious purposes. I advise everyone to be suspicious of emails that request personal information or ask you to update personal information via an email link. It is an unfortunate reality that thieves and hackers continuously bombard the inboxes of Internet users with fraudulent email. Cox employs the latest technology and methods to filter potentially destructive email from reaching our customers; however, some still gets through.

    If you do receive an email that appear to be from Cox that asks for personal information, please send it to as an attachment. Use the links below to learn more about spam, phishing, as well as how to send these types of email as attachments.

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    @advisor, Cox won't send out a "click here to protect your information".   That one is a scam.  In the future, open the email header to know if the email really comes from Cox.  If you don't already know how to do that, do an online search for an explanation; it's easy.  On a Mac, click on VIEW at the top. Select "VIEW SOURCE". It gives you 2 options but both work. Look down toward the bottom of the page.