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eMail From Cox Requesting I Respond To Their eMail

I received an eMail from Cox requesting that I click on a link to acknowledge that my mail account was approaching capacity. My account reflects that I am using 53% of the 2GB allowed capacity. The eMail warns that I soon may not be able to send or receive additional email messages unless I acknowledge by responding. I am not sure if this is a legitimate request from Cox and if so why am I getting it when I am only using 53% of my allowed capacity?

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    Hi Retired1,

    We can review the authenticity of the email. Please forward the email to our team to

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    That email is fake.  Never click on a link in an email to add or change anything on your account.  go directly to to make any changes.  You are nowhere near your capacity. 

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    Thanks, will forward to It sounded fishy and I did not click on the link.