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Email Connectivity

For the past several days, I’ve experienced an intermittent lack 
of connectivity when attempting to use the cox server (

Error message received is that logging into SMTP server failed; check to 
see if user name and password are correct.

I haven’tt changed either the user name or password and can
access the cox web mail site using the same user name and password.

I’ve tried Cox chat and after twenty minutes of the
representative suggesting various options, without success, when he
suggested opening a new browser, the connection was lost.

Next I called Cox web mail tech support and again spent thirty minutes 
with the representative Andre, trying various options, including
rebooting. He finally concluded that resolution was beyond his technical
expertise and he was going to escalate the issue to a higher tier. After
waiting on hold for another 15 minutes, because of a previous 
appointment, I terminated the call.

After confirming the correct email settings with Apple, I called back
the following day with the ticket that Andre has initiated (4439953),
only to placed on hold for 45 minutes, without speaking to a contact.

There's clearly a problem and it’s on Cox’s end and your 
customer service response is abysmal and very unresponsive.

Mail settings with Apple Mail client are:

Incoming mail server

Account Type  IMAP

Server Host Name

Server Port  993


Outgoing Mail Server

User Name  ***********

Server Host Name  smtp.cox/net

Server Port 465

Authentication  Password


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    Please confirm the outgoing server name. It should be not smtp.cox/net.

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    You just contradicted your own support pages, and your suggestion does not work anyway.

    Good God, Cox is pitiful. 

  • Dan is correct. Sorry about that! The outgoing email server name should be

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    I really should clarify my comments. The Cox front-line support people are doing what they can. What is pitiful is that Cox management has failed to train them correctly or given them the proper tools to do their job.