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Email connectivity via Cox internet connection

This is not a question, it is problem report. For the last several days, beginning Wednesday 9/20, email connectivity when on my home network and using a Cox internet connection has been intermittent, and sending email has been nearly impossible. The settings on my Outlook and Thunderbird clients have not changed, and my home network configuration has not changed. This problem is a Cox problem in my area (zip code 90274). It is a cox problem because my other email accounts work just fine, all using IMAP / SMTP. When I leave my house and use my smartphone to send email, it sends immediately (in this case, using Verizon's cellular network / internet connection.) I truly wish Cox would be honest about the status of their services. There is no notification on the Cox website regarding email issues, yet they exist as evidenced by numerous posts with similar / same symptoms.

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  • Bob90274

    You may be having these issues because we're using a new email platform. We're doing our best to get things smoothed out as quickly as possible. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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  • good Job COX, This could be the last month with this ISP after 25 years. Dropped the ball, enough said. Don't fix it as i wont be a customer any longer.

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    We'd hate to see you leave. What issues are you experiencing with email? Perhaps we can be of assistance.