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Email client settings

I have been using Outlook and windows 10 email clients with my email accounts without trouble. Windows 10 crashed and I had to do a complete reinstall but when I set up my email accounts in outlook and windows 10 email I keep getting error messages asking me to input the usernames and passwords but they are not accepted. All my other webmail accounts are working fine. I used pop mail server settings and with SSL ports set to 995 and 465. Neither windows 10 email nor outlook will connect, however the outlook welcome message is sent to my webmail every time I test it but it says the error is in logging into the incoming server Any ideas on what the problem is? I have also tried changing my passwords and switching to IMAP settings but still get the same error.

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    With Outlook is it giving a login screen first for the account(s) having the issues. Or is it going directly to the error message when you hit send and receive? Also with the error does it give you a error code at the end with something like 0x800ccc__?

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