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We joined Cox and started using Webmail in 2006.  Long inactive emails are still on our (several) accounts.  At this time, we'd like to archive emails into PDFs and take them off of Webmail.  

>>  Is there a utility to export emails from a folder into a locally stored PDF?

I could use the print function to create PDFs, but there doesn't appear to be a group print function.  It would also be nice to group save attachments down to a folder.  

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    Hi DrWilsonPE,

    The Cox Webmail does not have the feature that will allow you to convert your emails into PDFs.  However, you may download your emails to your computer by setting it up in an email client like Outlook or Windows Live Mail as a POP account.  It has to be set up as POP in order for your email program to save the emails to your machine.  The email client you choose to set it up on may give you the option to export the messages into PDFs.