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E-Mail Mail Administrator <>

I keep receiving emails from  Mail Administrator <> Subject-Mail System Error - Returned Mail/

When I look at the email, I did not send it.  It has someone else's name then has my email in <my email address  >.  I have changed my password and ran I virus scan but I am still receiving them.    Does anybody know what I should do?

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    Hi Sami,

    Those are the appropriate steps to following when dealing with an issue like this. When changing your password make sure it is not one that you've used previously. You may also want to verify there is no Forwarding enabled. When did you last receive a returned email message?
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    Today I received one.  How do I verify no forwarding?

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    I'm getting these emails like 15 a day, ruining my email account. Did anyone find out wtf is going on?

  • Your email password has been hacked or stolen and someone is using your email account to send out SPAM.  When they hit an invalid address, you get the postmaster message.  It happened to me a year or so ago.  I called Cox and they had me change my email password and it helped for a few days, but they got my password again and it started up again.  Problem was I was using simple and short passwords.  I finally got sick of it and changed to a complicated 12 digit password and I haven't had the problem since.  Use special characters and numbers in your password.