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E-mail login is much slower than normal today.

As title says E-mail login is much slower than normal today.

Has anything been reported? Any possible reason why e-mail login suddenly gets really slow?

I did reset modem and router.

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    Upon further observation what is going on is that it is taking longer than normal for my cox e-mail accounts to access servers from Thunderbird.

    So it's more accessing servers than it is a login problem. gmail account is operating at normal speed. Web browsers seem operating at normal speed. Also access seems normal speed at:

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    This has gotten worse. Now from Thunderbird I can't connect to any cox e-mail account at all. gmail works OK.

    Error message: Failed to connect to server.

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    It is a nationwide issue that has been happening since then beginning of the week. You would expect Cox to give us an update, or post something on their home page. But they are not in the customer service business, they are in the 'get your money' business.
  • Hi, I apologize for the delayed response. Are you still experiencing any issues with your email service? -Mike
  • Yes.  Thunderbird and Phone apps still time out constantly while trying to retrieve messages.  Phone constantly pops up with authentication errors, Thunderbird just hangs on retrieving.  Since Tuesday.  It's now Friday.  On our work e-mail.  The web client is painfully slow to navigate.  10-15 minutes to respond to one message.  Getting the runaround through phone support, twitter, and these forums.  No concrete timelines, solutions, or even any explanations.  It's been rough.  This is in Glendale, AZ.

  • Hi AZElectrician,

    You mentioned that these email issues are occurring on your work email. Are you using Cox Business Email?