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DVR won't record unless I reboot

Over the last few weeks my master DVR box will not record unless I reboot the box, sometimes have to do it multiple times. 

It started after recordings began taking up massive amounts of space. For example 2 2-hour movies took up 40% of my 1000 hard drive.

It seems to be okay on using the accurate storage space, but it will stop recording after a few days, and the missed recordings says there was power interruption to the DVR (even though the external power was on.)

Is it possible the hard drive on this master box is failing? I only keep cable because I can't DVR on!!

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    @TV Questiins

    You definitely shouldn't have to be constantly rebooting the box to get it to record. With that in mind I'd say it does sound like the box is suspect. It may be time to see about having a tech come out and take a look.