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DVR setting have changed and programs have been deleted

Recently, entire seasons and various shows have been automatically deleted from my DVR. I had it set to save until space was needed and the drive never goes beyond 55 - 60% as we delete as we watch.  I also noticed NOW the settings for "keep until space is needed" has a TIME limit - it tells me it will save the shows for two days or one day.  I can manually go in and change the settings of a already recorded show or one scheduled.  This is not user-friendly as it was before.  I realize I do not have the new Contour but my DVR was working perfectly fine until about a week ago.  The shows in question are in the Lost and Found, but really this is not user friendly either as I would have to manually save each episode and then change the settings to keep until manually erased.  

Where is the settings to give EVERY program to be recorded the status of keep until manually erased? OR better yet, how do I get my DVR to revert to how it was?  I am assuming this was a software update but it isn't a good one if there isn't any way to control how you record OVERALL and not just individually.  I have searched every setting on the DVR to no avail. 

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  • Hello LMK342002,

    Thanks for taking the time to post your concern about the DVR Record Options. What model DVR do you have? I see you mentioned you haven't upgraded to the New Contour. Is your DVR equipped with the Rovi IPG or the Contour IPG?

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    I have a new Contour 2, installed a couple of weeks ago.  Last night all of our saved recordings were gone, and not in the recently deleted.  Why did this happen?  I had an old Tivo die and thought I would try Contour.  My Contour has 6 tuners.  Please help me understand why these sorts of things happen.


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    What model receiver do you have? How many shows got deleted? How many receivers do you have in the home?