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DVR Recordings

We just turned in our old DVR and the old HD box we had because we where told that they need to be updated to the new ones. I was happy to find out that with the DVR we would be able to watch all recordings on the other TV with the new HD box as well. We set everything up last night and I was able to set up my regular recordings on the DVR, but when I went to bed and tried to see if it showed me the same programs set to record I only received a blue box on the screen saying it was not working and to try again in 5 minutes and if not working then to call a specific # that it showed. WE waited and still the same message when I clicked on the remotes DVR list button so we called the #. They said that it was not our boxes but that Cox itself was having issues and it should come back up. I checked numerous times throughout the evening as well as before work this morning and still the same thing. I am trying to find out if we are doing something wrong or did we misunderstand the rep when she told us that the smaller box would read off of the DVR and I can watch recorded shows in both my living room and bedroom.

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    Hi, it sounds like you may need a Field Tech to come out because you should at least be able to view the channels. In order for the Client Receiver to access content on the DVR the boxes have to be networked, and that requires a professional installation.  Please reach out to us via Facebook, Twitter or email at and we can further assist you.