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DVR playback is choppy

We have the basic Record 2 DVR from Cox. If we watch a show live, there is no problem. However, when something is played back from the DVR, the video skips and the audio cuts out. It's basically unwatchable. This also happens if the show is paused and then played.

The box is hooked up to our tv with an HDMI cable. Any suggestions?

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  • That may be a problem with the box. Have you already tried rebooting it? (unplug/re-plug the power)

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    I have the same problem viewing Velocity Channel programming, either DVR playback or "live".

    Minor pixelation, MAJOR stutter that sounds like I'm hearing every other word.

    Does NOT happen otherwise. Am in the greater Las Vegas, NV area

    Have rebooted Host box and Client Box multiple times, Have Contour 2 Service, Newest Router/Modem from Cox...

    Am seriously considering switching to another provider, as I watch/DVR VELOCITY CHANNEL a lot!

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    We'd like to take a closer look at your equipment and signals.  Please email us at with your full name, street address, and a link to your post.  Thanks.