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DVR Movie Duration and Detail Time Do Not Match

What's the deal Cox Cable? We recorded the Exorcist (original movie) on 11/16/2016. While watching the movie, it ends abruptly and the "Delete Now or Later" screen pops up. WTF? So we look into the problem, we discovered the following:

Channel 1300 IFCD

Model CMX013

- Movie Info/Details shows the duration at 132 mins

- The Guide blocks off a 2hr 45 min viewing window (165 mins)

- Movie can be purchased for $2.99

- Take a look at the guide for the next airing of the movie on 11/25 to duplicate the problem

So Cox Cable, what's the deal? Is this a covert way to force your subscribers to purchase older movies or is your content team unable to use a calculator? This isn't the first time this has happened after recording a show. It appears to occur to movies that are not available for free??

I'm feeling a bit scammed right now?

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    I apologize for the delayed response. Are you having issues with any other recording? What time was the original recording? How was the recording set, the main DVR, a client box, online, or via the app?

  • The problem appears to be isolated to recordings not available On Demand. The time for the original recording was correct, in other words, the recording started on its scheduled time. The recording was set through the main DVR.

    Please look at the details for "The Exorcist" on 11/25 and tell me if you see an anomaly.

  • Hello,

    Were you able to view the Exorcist movie on IFC in its entirety today? Are other recorded programs you have played also ending before the movie is over?