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DVR Looses programs I have recorded

Example:  Recorded Baseball game last night and fell asleep watching it.  I WANTED to go back and view the entire game today but it does NOT appear on my recording list.  It ALSO does not appear in my "recently deleted" folder so I know I did not accidently delete it.  this is a NEW DVR as my last one has SERIOUS problems far to many to mention here but this was the replacement for the replacement.  I was sent to the store to get the old one replaced and brought it home but it would not conne3ct to the TV but COULD be seen from my other box.  Cox sent a service man out two days later and found that the replacement DVR was non operational so her replaced it with another replacement.  It seemed to be working well when he left but that evening I recorded the Royals Tigers game only NOW it is no longer appearing on my recorded list.  What is going on here.  Tried to get ahold of Cox Chat and got a message telling me they could not help because their equipment was being serviced (join the club) so I tried to call them on the phone and after a fifteen minute wait gave up.  WHAT AM I DOING WRONG HERE?

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    Have you notice if this issue has happened again since you experienced it last week? Would you also try resetting the equipment by unplugging the cable box from power for 30 seconds then plugging it back in. After this, please try recording another game to see if you experience the issue again.