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DVR is only recording half a show

We have the contour DVR which can record 6 shows at once.   Programs are only recording for half their schedules time.   A 30 minute show is only recording for 15 minutes and 60 minutes shows are only recording for 29 minutes.   Any ideas what is going on?

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  • Ninemmbill

    Please send an email to: with your full address so I can take a look at the DVR for you. Please refer to the issue in the subject line.

    Tara B

    Please try logging into the Cox website, this will ensure that you've got the correct password. If you are able to log in and check your email on the Cox website, please go to Outlook and remove your email address completely and re-add it like it's new. You should only need to add your username and password, let Outlook select all of the settings automatically. Please reach back out here if you have any further issues.

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