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DVR "Full Percentage" and "Save Until Space Is Needed" times inconsistent and wrong.

Hello, it seems ever since a change was made a few weeks ago, the percentage full of my DVR, along with the estimated times when shows on my DVR would be deleted seem to be considerably off. This seems to match when Cox changes the standard "003" thru the channels in the hundreds to default to HD like the "1000"+ channels, and we had to start choosing Record in Standard if we wanted to save HDD space. But I would record a multiple hour show, and my HDD full % would go up maybe 1 or 2 percent instead of. Just 2 days ago I had 4 shows that were to be deleted due to weekend recordings, so I deleted other shows and they no longer showed as pending deletion. Then yesterday I noticed 3 were deleted anyway. It's completely inconsistent, and I no longer know for sure how long I have to watch a show on my DVR and how full it really is. Is anyone else having this problem, or is there a Support member who knows what's going on? Thank you.

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    It just happened again, got my DVR down to 69% this afternoon. Then recorded just over 3 hours of content on Standard Def and it went up to 82%!?!?!? Makes no sense.

    Edit: Just to be clear... Today it started at 77%. I watched 6 hours of shows and it dropped to 69%. I recorded a 2 hour show tonight and 1-1/2 hours of another show and it shows at 82% full! I deleted the 1-1/2 hour show and it dropped to 80% right now. How does it go 77, -6 to 69, then a two hour show jumps it to 80%?!?! And I'm POSITIVE it was not recording in HD.

  • Was it recording the HD version of the channel like you mentioned in the original post? The older boxes do not have a ton of hard drive space and a few hours of HD programming can take space away very quickly compared to standard definition programming. It sounds like the auto-tune to hd setting may be turned on and that will force the box to either change the channel to the HD version when changing the channel or recording. You can turn the auto-tune to hd feature off under the preferences section of the settings menu.

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