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DVR does not record channel 2013

Does anyone know why the DVR does not record programs on channel 2013?

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    Umm not sure, this is the internet forum, not TV forum.  Check there.

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    What is channel 2013?  What market are you in?  In my market, we don't have anything in the range 2000-2200.

    Mods, please move this thread to the TV forum, thanks.

  • Hi Netopeka,

    What is the network name of channel 2013? What happens when you try to record a show on this channel? Do you get an error message?

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    Channel 2013 is WIBW and it has not allowed us to record programs for at least the last month. netopeka

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    Do you get an error message? Are you able to manually record the channel? If not, what error message do you get? Also, I would recommend resetting the box (unplug from power for 1 minute).