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DVD Recorder hookup

Thought I could figure this out but guess not. How can I hook up a DVD Recorder to the DVR cable box so that I can make a DVD out of a recording I made on the DVR? I have all the cables but do I need to use an HDMI cable from the DVD Recorder to the DVR cable box and bypass the red, yellow and white ended cables? Thanks

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    No DVD recorder I know of has hdmi input, only output. So, no, you can't use an hdmi cable to record from your DVR. The best you can hope for is composite (yellow-red-white RCA cables) connecting from the DVR output to DVD recorder input. This assumes no DRM (copy protection) is employed on the DVR output, if the DVR employs DRM, nothing you can do. Since this is a composite video signal, the best you will get is SD, you can't record in HD.