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Dual cable modems

I have a two story house. The cox cable modem is connected to a coax cable feed on the second floor office that comes from the one point of entry to the house and we broadcast WiFi from upstairs to the whole house. I added a Apple Aiport Express to the downstairs using wifi to connect to our internet and it helps to boost the wifi signal downstairs and sits next to my cox Contour box which is connected to a separate coax feed from the one point of entry to the house. We do NOT have any type of direct connection between the cable modem upstairs and the Contour box downstairs. Can I connect a second cable modem in front of the contour box that will allow same internet capability at both cable modems thusly broadcasting wifi from both?

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    Cable modems are limited to 1 per service instance of Internet so adding a 2nd modem would not be an option unless you were to purchase a 2nd Internet connection. The same is also true for service drops to home unless there is some extraordinary situation we're not aware of. Most likely the modem and Contour box are connected to the same coax network although depending on how the home is wired this may be difficult to locate. As for the problem with the wifi reaching we do now offer a Panoramic Wifi service that may be a good solution for this kind of situation. The modem is replace with a Panoramic Wifi gateway and MoCA wifi extenders are installed as needed around the home to ensure that all areas get an acceptable signal.