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Dual Band modem....not able to connect to the first band

I recently got the gigablast service and have a dual band modem. When going to both bands appear to be up and running. Both are checked and have the same security settings. They also have the same passphrase. However the second band which is 5ghz is the only one I can connect to. The first band (2.4ghz) won't allow me to connect. This is alright since I'm able to connect with my laptop but it is causing problems with my printer. 

Is there a reason I can't connect to the first band even though everything shows it to be up and running? 

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    What model router is it? You probably need to adjust the 2.4Ghz radio mode. It is probably in B+G+N and your wireless device is having difficulty negotiating the connection. If all your wireless devices can handle Wifi N, set it to N only.