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Dual Band Modem Possibly Defective?

Hey there, a few months ago I got the Netgear N600 Dual Band Modem from Cox so I can split the connection between my computers and my TV. Ever since that switch I have experienced increasing drops in internet connection, and often slow connections. When I use the CMD prompt to ping google (ping -t my ping stays at about 21ms for 30 seconds, then will spike to 2500ms or sometimes give me a "request timed out" command, because it shuts the WiFi off for a split second.

I've also flushed the DNS, turned off Background Scanning, and tried all wireless channels (1,3,6,9,11,) and set my wireless adapter settings to b,g,a/c,n and none of them worked. This isn't only one computer that has this problem, but all 4 of my computers (mix of laptop and desktop) also have the problem. I can run a ping test from or like is typical for Cox to ask, and that will show up at 32ms with good US and DS, but since ping tests from that site often last 10 seconds and take virtually no power to achieve, it's not going to show any true results. None of my computers are able to get hard wired since the technician installed the modem in a place that has no possible access to any CAT4/5 outlets, and we only have 1 of those outlets in the house. I suspect its either a defective modem or there is something the construction in the area is doing to the signal. Some days (often for 5 days in a row out of a month) the connection is 100% stable and stays at a constant 23ms. Then out of no where, it'll go back to spiking. This only occurred after switching to the Dual Band Modem. Something inside the modem does sound broken, as you can hear it clink against the sides of the machine when you pick it up. There is no possible way to test the ping on an Ethernet connection, and there's absolutely no reason to say its acceptable for internet to randomly spike like that, simply because I'm not hardwired.  I can't hardwire my cell phones either and they too experience the ping drop. This makes it virtually impossible to do anything that requires a constant connection, such as gaming, or downloading large files, both of which i have to do a lot. 

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PS: My forum name is totally stupid because I made the account and didn't know "Title" was your username and not the title of the forum post. Lmao

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    @Consitent Wireless Int Drops

    I'd start with the simple stuff. Can you duplicate the issue using a wired connection? Does this happen on both wireless bands?

  • Yeah I've been able to duplicate it on a wired, and yes it happens on both 5 and 2 ghz bands.

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    If wired too, not a wireless problem. Can you post a tracert when getting spikes to