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DSL - High Speed

I recently purchased a ATT Corless phone with an answering machine.  Now, my question may seem stupid to some of you; but even though I use the internet I don't know much about it.   The instructions with my cordless phone (not a cell phone) says if I have

DSL High Speed Internet I need to purchase a DSL filter to plug into the telephone wall jack.  So Is Cox a DSL High Speed Internet? my upload speed is 0.43 Mbps and Dowload speed is 1.16 Mbps.  

This phone I purchased even tho it is equipped with a speaker and audio assist , volume , EQ on the handset. I have a hard time hearing on it.  If I lay it down when the speaker is on, forget it , it is barely audible.  Can anyone tell me if I need the filter as the phone is in same room as my computer(desk top). Even if computer is not on, I have the problem.... Thanks , and please don't laugh, ok, if you do that's all right.

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    DSL is a way of having internet over phone lines. Cox uses cable lines instead. So assuming you have Cox internet and Cox phone, you don't need a filter.

    As for why your speed is low, what package/tier do you have? Should say on your bill. And do you have a modem and router, if so, what kind? Their model number will be written on them somewhere.

    As for why your phone sounds soft, its hard to say. What was the reason for buying the new phone? Was there issues with the old phone? Do others have problems with the phone, or just you? Last, what kind of phone is it? 

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    OK, so if Cox uses cable lines only. I don't have DSL high speed internet? I have Cox cable tv and internet. I have an ATT phone on the ATT phone line in my building. I am the only one who uses the new phone which is a cordless land line hooked up on ATT phone line. Thanks for your answer that I don't need a filter. So then there is a problem with my new ATT Cordless landline phone. I need to send it back.